Dancing in Shadows Faith, Place and People in Early Modern England Barter and Social Regeneration Australasian Drama Studies 71 Papal Protection Absentee Authority Parenting is Forever Granville Bantock's Letters An Unfinished Experiment in Living Aboriginal Breastplates of the Northern Rivers ADHD Go-to Guide The Power of Good People Medieval Theatre Performance Like Nothing on this Earth Textiles, Text, Intertext Australasian Drama Studies 69 Every Mother's Son is Guilty Noongar Bush Medicine Flaying in the Pre-Modern World Helen Grey-Smith Behind Glass Doors Gularabulu Australasian Drama Studies 68 The History of William Marshal Plevna The Book of Horsemanship Ink in Her Veins Burnt Umber Desert Writing Invisible Counrty Silent Women Seasons in the Literatures ... Just Relations Australian Seashores (suggested cover and final cover) including interiors The Language of the Unheard Australasian Drama Studies 62 Aboriginal Ways of Using English The Gospel of Luke ADS 60 cover design and typesetting ADS 61 cover design and typesetting The Book of Bloke (suggested) The Truth about Teen Sex (suggested) Rethinking Social Justice (suggested cover and final cover)